Which Website Designs Actually Work

Now that you have chosen a popular niche and built a new website for your online business, the next big thing to consider is how to find content for your website.

Start your own business. You’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, being your own boss, and utilizing your talent and something you enjoy to make money. Now is the time. Whether you are a website designer or a wood crafter, create a business and marketing plan (or have a professional create one for you) and run with it. The creator of Amway started in his garage. If he can do it, so can you.

The navigation around your site – don’t use menus that disappear from sight if you don’t position your mouse accurately down to the last pixel. Also don’t use menus that appear and then obscure large chunks of your pages. For an example of how not to implement navigation menus, the Royal Mail’s site is superb. Menus appear and disappear, links are poorly named or don’t lead to the place you’d expect, the overall feel is that you’d get a quicker response writing them a letter.

The judging method follows: “The awards (are) for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet, which recognizes and promotes the best graphicdesigner 2b in the world.” The judges are a “jury of some of the most important designers, bloggers and Internet Agencies.” Their goal is to build a community for the designers to achieve their best. You surely will agree many the designs are well-chosen. If my eye had been more attuned, perhaps I could have said all of the designs were well-chosen. For those of you designing your own website, here you will find much food for fodder.

Statistics show that people read web sites from top to bottom left to right. The best place to put a call to action? The top left of your web site. Almost no companies have their contact number listed at the top left. If it’s not there, the next best place is the top right. Your phone number should be on every page of your web site listed very visibly.

One of the biggest improvements that came with the latest version of Internet Explorer was hardware acceleration, but this improvement won’t really do us much good in terms of accounting website design. This feature is actually well executed… if you have a machine that will run it. If you have ever played a Facebook game like Farmville, you’ll notice that your browser will likely encounter lag or a drop in frames per second (FPS) when you were viewing an area of the game that had a lot of activity. With hardware acceleration this lag or drop in FPS should be reduced or not even happen!

Some designers will include hosting for up to about a year with the initial purchase which can save you costs in the short term but could lead to unexpected payments further down the line if their hosting charges after the end of the free period are higher than expected.

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