What Does Your Perfect Business Look Like?

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You need to find a way to marketing what you have to offer. The most common way to do this is through the web on a blog or a website. You can market it using article marketing, social media, reseller websites and affiliate programs. There are many ways to do so. The key is to keep working at it so that you generate a lot of interest. For example, if you wish to sell a product about healthy cat foods, you can create an eBook that contains all of the information that you know and want to share from others. You may be a vet and therefore have the inside track on what makes the best choices for cat food. You can then set up a website where you feature a link to where people can buy your eBook.

The product needs to contain useful information that someone else is willing to pay for. In most cases, this means you need to have something useful to share.

Hypothetical Example: My business helps home owners make green decisions for their homes. I want to get the word out about my services and connect with new potential customers. I set up accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, and invite all my friends, family, and my entire email address book to connect with me. I now need to find new people to connect with. I use search tools to find people talking about the green topic.

Secondarily you can use Google search to find what’s in the news about topics relevant to your business and publish links to those articles on your Facebook page or account as well. Don’t over-think it. You can’t break Facebook, or Twitter, or any SMM panel tool. As long as your content is not offensive it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

And at that moment, what happens? Do you start to type? Or do you begin to doodle? Do you perhaps turn and look at the calendar, or the clock, or out of the window-anywhere but at the blank, white screen?

PETE: I really don’t know. It’s cool to see that people have adopted it and get some benefit from it, but I don’t pay attention to who or how many people are following it. Having a centralized Twitter account that people can follow for this information is helpful; when you receive a tweet from KcTrailsStatus, you know what it’s going to be about. There’s no extraneous “noise” coming from it.

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