Sydney Web Design: 4 Factors You Should Know About Your Website

When it comes to web design there are certain things that should be considered and one of them is what the website is about. Real estate websites are one of the many types of websites on the Internet today. And for these websites to be successful they need to take into account certain design factors. The following tips will help any realtor design a successful real estate website.

Consistent Style & Font – Use the style and font patterns consistently on every page. Don’t use different fonts on different pages. It does not look professional.

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Anchor points – users don’t read content, they scan it. So put anchor points or fixed markers to guide the users through the contents of the page. If you have a product to sell, guide the users to the product page with pricing mentioned in clear letters.

It’s always safer to keep your web site at less than 750 pixels wide as you don’t want to alienate your visitors by having them scroll to see the whole page. Make sure that that your web pages show up the same in all web browsers.

The size of a website can have a huge impact on search engines. Search engines love content, so if you have only a few pages to your site and your competitors have dozens, it is difficult to see a TOP ranking for your site. In some cases it may be difficult to present several pages of information about your company or products, so you may need to think about adding free resources for visitors. This will help expand the reach of your website (search engines like) as well as keep visitors on your site longer, possibly resulting in more sales.

Another great design tip is to break up the real estate photos in sections by location. So, all the real estate of one city in one link and real estate of other cities in other links. That makes it easy for people looking for real estate in one particular location. Or you could separate real estate by zip code. These design elements really depend on where you live and the amount of links or zip codes you would need to include.

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