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Rent the Van Dutch as your luxury super yacht tender to impress your guests. The Vansterdam can be docked at the port of Saint-Petersburg or alternatively you can dock on the French Riviera. You can work with captains of yachts, charter brokers as well as yacht management companies and even yacht owners from Cannes, Monte Carlo and Cannes to provide the most luxurious yacht tender in Cannes and Saint-Petersburg. Our expert will take you through the various offers and find you the best price.

Chartering yachts for a range of activities, based on the budget you have set to the tender yacht. You can hire the services of captains and crews to ensure that your journey around the world is a breeze. There are yachts specifically designed for certain needs, and there are standard tenders that are suitable for small fishing boats. It is important to know that there’s a limit to the number of passengers and crew you can carry.

There are some important aspects that you must be aware of prior to opting to purchase an yacht tender. It is essential to make sure that the boat is suitable for carrying a larger crew on board. There could be restrictions such as speed limitations and the use of outboard motors. There are tenders that offer this service to those who want to travel at a higher speed. If you’d like to bring along your own crew pick one that offers this service. You should also consider the facilities available on the tender, like a gym , the music system, saloon, and the like.

If required the yacht tender is able to provide overnight accommodation. If you are planning to take on more passengers, be sure to check whether the tenders are able to accommodate staterooms or bunks. Showers and bathrooms that are large are commonplace on boats. It is recommended to verify this before you visit the facilities. Many tenders offer towels, linen and bathing supplies for guests onboard. Read more about yacht tender manufacturer here.

The cost of the charter of a yacht tender depends on the kind of vessel that you wish to charter as well as the amenities you want to incorporate into the vessel. A high-speed luxury craft will likely be more expensive than a typical yacht due to the speed that is required. However, there are some bargains to be found when it comes to luxury charters and there are companies that can provide charters for less than you would expect.

If you are considering a yacht tender, you should keep in mind that you will have a great deal of flexibility on board. Chartering yachts is possible for a variety of reasons. There are companies that chartered yachts for races and others who chartered them for cruises. A lot of yachts are also utilized as party boats, or host weddings or other events. It is clear the wide selection of possible uses for yachts.

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