Practical Advice For Achieving Online Marketing Success

If you follow the product funnel theory in the development of your Internet marketing products, you likely create free, low-cost, mid-priced and high-cost products. One of the things to focus on accomplishing is to make use of all products that you create in as many ways as possible. With the exception of some of the very high end products where you present unique content, most of the information used from one product to the next in the product funnel is very similar. You may add more details and aids of some type, but the core content is the same.

Get lots of people involved in giving you feedback about your idea. Remember: the purpose of prototyping is to gather information. This is not a permanent, ongoing project that you are building to make money, at least not yet. If you do make money off the prototype, great! But that should not be your primary objective, because in that case people are less interested in participating. Feedback – notes – comments – conversation – discussion – argument: find out what people are thinking! Get into their heads! Ask questions. Invite feedback. Invite everyone (including your competitors! – and don’t make them sign confidentiality agreements!).

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Gameplay: The gameplay is a mix between shooter and melee combat. The melee combat stands out the most. Since it is an FPS/melee game, the interaction will be much like that in the Chronicles of Riddick. Simple pugilist fighting mechanics like blocks, counters, and returning upon counters, and stunning blows are available. Weapon or fist, it’s your choice. You will be pummeling strange looking creatures all the way until the very end. Since the game uses the Source engine, an updated Havok physics engine makes the impact much more realistic.

Let me give you a quick piece of advice: people like to do business with people they like. Let them get to know you better through your posts and tweets. Let them see some character and some personality.

What I’ll do is set up a blog and run my podcast through the blog. It’s almost like playing a game of baseball, you have the ball which is the content and you just hit it out there. The search engines really love blogs.

Abobe all, just give away great value. And keep doing it. You absolutely need to give your best away but let me explain further what I mean. Give your best away but don’t give it all away… Just enough to get people interested enough to return to your blog. Just make sure it’s great advice and that you’re continually providing it for free.

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