Naming Your Business – 5 Tips

You may want to explore buying a riding mower if your yard is more than a half an acre in size. Although you could mow a large lawn with a walk behind cutter to get in some great exercise, a rider will make the job a lot more tolerable.

The Atlanta lawn company- it is a company based in Newnan, Georgia. It provides lawn solutions of all types. It employs an approximate of four people.

Don’t scalp your lawn. When your grass is four inches tall, mow only one inch. You’ll mow more often in May and June, but the taller grasses shade out the weeds.

Back when I first started managing restaurants I got together with one of my fellow managers over a slice of pizza and discussed how we might make a few extra bucks in addition to our salaries. It would have to be something that paid cash and could be accomplished on one of our days off. Jim was just starting a family and wanted one day off a week to spend with them at least. After reviewing a number of options we decided to go into the Landscaping Companies Near Me business. Jim’s father was a professional landscaper and could help us out with the equipment and we both had cut grass as kids. It turned out to be a pretty lucrative part-time business as we had 15 restaurants to cut for the chain we worked for right away. The only problem was when the weather got in the way of our schedule.

The heat on the weed can cause it to die out. This can work to kill off more than just the sprout that has come out of the weed. It will also kill its roots and all of the seeds that would have Lawn Care companies been created as a result of the weed.

Apply boron to inhibit creeping Charlie (ground ivy) when it’s most vulnerable: when it blooms in late April and again in early September. Ground ivy does not like alkaline soil, so alter the pH of the soil by diluting one part 20 Mule Team Borox to 320 parts water (1 ounce borox per 1.25 gallons of water) and apply the solution to the affected areas. In a day or two, the creeping Charlie should die back. Don’t worry when the grass wilts a little; it will recover on its own. Rake out the dead material and compost the waste.

Because I have had a long standing desire to plant Zoysia grass for my home lawn, I became so xciited that the more the sod grass salesman talked about St. Augustine the less I heard.Although I was only there to save money and I was sure Zoysia would cost a little more than St. Augustine, the possibility of having a home lawn looking like a small piece of a golf course was to exciting to overcome. I was going to save money on my new home by installing grass sod myself because my home builder was going to charge extra for a completely sodded yard at move in.

Now that you know some tip for maintaining a healthy lawn, you are ready to take charge in the maintenance of your landscape. Just remember to follow these tips, and you’ll have less problems with your lawn.

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