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RVs are one of the fastest growing segments in the recreational vehicle industry. DescriptionA recreational vehicle, also called RV, is basically a motorized motor vehicle that has accommodations for living usually designed for temporary living. There are many types of RVs such as campervans, motorhomes, fifth-wheel Trailers, caravans, popup camps, and truck caps. Each type of RV has its own advantages and disadvantages. For the benefit of the consumer, this article provides a brief overview of each type of RV.

The most popular style of RV known as a Class A motorhome or class c motorhome, can be compared to an apartment in that it has many standard features such as a kitchen with cook top, refrigerator, built-in microwave oven and full size washer/dryer. The larger class of RV also has many more standard features than the class b motorhome. A larger class c motorhome typically offers several bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas with or without a garage, large porches, and may also have an entertainment center and a sunroof. Other optional features available for larger class c motorhomes include a bow-top bed, a second master bedroom, a guest bath, and a pull out couch or sleeping cart.

The second most popular style of motor home known as the class b motorhome or class c motorhome, can be compared to a house in that it also has some standard features such as a kitchen with double sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, and full size washer/dryer. The smaller class of motorhomes can be compared to a small apartment in that it usually does not offer a larger living area, but rather has a small sitting area and a kitchen. A small class c motorhome may also offer a loft or bunk bed and some manufacturers specialize in this particular model. Some manufacturers also offer a large sliding closet or workbench area.

The third, fourth and fifth most popular styles of motor homes are the sixties, seventies and eighties look alike motorhomes. These motor homes look much like a modern mobile home and most have large sliding doors similar to those of a mobile home. Class c motorhomes of this type also offer many of the same features as motor homes in this family. They may offer a kitchen with double sink and a large sitting area. Some motorhomes of this style may also offer a guest bath and a loft or sunroom. Read more about Wohnmobil mieten Freiburg here.

A final type of class c motorhome, the tenth most popular, is the class b motorhome; also known as a class C motorhome, it is manufactured in the style that is representative of vintage RVs. This class b motorhome has a very spacious sleeping area and a kitchen that are almost as large as the actual home. As with other motorhomes of this style, they can be custom designed to include any number of add ons.

Some motorhome manufacturers offer kits that allow you to create your own private sitting areas and kitchens with a large number of customized features and accessories. You can add a slide out TV or even a microwave oven. You can also elect to use appliances like a refrigerator, coffee maker, ice maker, coffee table, full size stove and many others. This adds to the luxury and comfortable feeling of being able to cook, store items and more in your motorhome. This added level of personalization and customization makes class c motorhomes of this style very desirable.

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