Microsoft Excel Wakeup Call – True Story

If you want to be an Excel consultant, but you do not know how to use Excel past the beginner level you need to determine where your current skills set is, and based on that you need to determine where to start. Once that has been achieved you need to get a few things in order before you can begin to learn Microsoft Excel at the intermediate level. To start you need to buy a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 (Windows) or 2011 (Mac). Both Excel 2007 and 2010 will both work, but 2010 has some new features that are very powerful and that should be used. As such, stick with the newest version. 2011 will work on the Mac, 2008 for the Mac does not have VBA, and so you will need to work in Office 2011.

There are some great resources in the book and tools you can use to sculpt your life’s script. I think Chip may have a PHD in excel training. He has a spreadsheet to track anything you want as it relates the life cube laid out in the book.

Next you have to decide where and how you wish to place your data in Excel. A good design helps in the ease of calculations later. Empty rows and columns between data should be avoided.

This can all start by figuring out how to program individual cells to read logical functions. This is a real key because logical functions will trigger responses based on what is being featured in individual cells at a given time. The right plans must be made to keep a system running well.

If the data we enter into Excel cells spans a very big range and we need to keep the headers in place while we scroll up and down or left and right, we can freeze the column and/or the row headers. This ‘freezing’ helps us to see which data belongs to which item.

I tried every possible way of trying to increase my numbers and there was never any type of information on improving the number of pushups. I thought and tried to figure it out. One way I thought of increasing the number was to do a lot of bench pressing at the time I thought it was almost the same movement and of course I found out nothing could be farther from the truth.

The results of the IF function can be a text input for you = IF (B14 E14 =, “OK”, “compelling need”). The data in this example, you might want to filter for the control of such party, if both values are the same cell, the result is “right” answer or “compelling need.” Note that text entries with a comma quotes the formula (to create a string) are surrounded by. Note that if you add spaces after the comma does not matter.

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