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Now a days, storing valued data and securing them from online hackers and Trojan horses is becoming very important. People store datas like financial information, personal photos, videos and other sensitive data to their Pcs. But when accessing the internet they face a lot of spyware programs trying to penetrate their firewall and access their personal data.

The dangers of Debit Cards. This type of card has more liability than credit cards. Credit cards don’t represent as much personal liability than debit cards. Debit cards’ responsibilities depend on the time it takes you to report you lost your card. You have 60 days after you receive your account statements to fill a report for unauthorized use of your card. If you don’t do it on that time, you would lose the entire amount of money held at the account and even more, the bank could make you pay for the money spent from your available credit.

Check the website you are using has a privacy policy and that they are registered as a Data Controller. Registered data controllers, registered with the Data Protection Agency, will have a registration number that they should publish.

Just because you are away from home does not mean that you can not stay secure. There are some really ingenious gadgets out there to keep your data secure. When travelling it is not always possible to carry around your laptop so you will have to rely on public computers to get work done. You can now carry all your προσωπικά δεδομένα with you wherever you go on a highly secure USB flash drive. Some USB Flash drives now have encryption that the CIA or NSA would envy. Identity theft is on the rise a simple geek gadget like this makes it really easy to stay secure when away from home.

When you input any information into your computer, you trust your system to protect this personal data protection. But unfortunately it is you who has to take measures and turn your PC into a SECURE STRONGHOLD, inaccessible by any malefactors.

Your credit score report will display drastic indicators and changes if ever you’re a victim of identity theft. You may discover in them inquiries not made by you, along with new accounts which you did not request or open.

Maybe all this could be seen as too much work for nothing, but when you become a victim on this kind of felony, you’ll understand that the effort is worth it. Don’t forget that if it wasn’t for what you carry in your wallet or your purse, you couldn’t tell who you really are.

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