Make Romance Last: Top Tips To Make Them Love You Even More!

Romantic movies are the one thing that most men groan when it is the time for a lady to pick the movie. It is the type of movie that they hate going to see because it is boring. Many men hate this genre of movie due to the fact that they are reminded by the woman of things they should do. For women, this is a fantasy land. Ladies dream of being treated in a way similar to how women in these movies are treated. That is why women love romantic movies. When they see this, they are reminded that being treated like a queen only exists in films.

Being unpredictable is the next essential key that we will cover in this romance guide to help you learn how to romance a woman. Just in case you did not get the memo women LOVE SURPRISES. Enjoy the experience, plan a secret trip and keep her guessing. She will be overwhelmed with a feeling of curiosity that will drive her crazy and guaranteed to bank you big points on the romance scoreboard. Fellows don’t give up the finish line is approaching and your inching closer towards your goal of learning how to a woman.

Movie Era: The best way to start is to concentrate you towards the classical movies of a particular era that have ruled the box office as well as its fans all the way long till date. There are several collection of Godfather movie posters available on the internet over art prints and poster web store. You can also choose to get these film posters framed through the online custom framing module that makes it a lot easier to actually visualize. Along with Godfather you can also choose Gone with the Wind as it is amongst the most classical films of all times. If you like the Sci-FI era then go in with a range of Star War movie posters that can leave unique mark on the room wall decor.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day at your place, rent her most favourite romantic movie. Halfway through the movie that you are watching on your home theatre, let the screen go blank. Pretend to see what’s wrong and project your proposal on the wall.

Ever After takes the traditional romance and love story of Cinderella and puts a more modern twist to it. Drew Barrymore makes a beautiful Cinderella, and Anjelica Houston was made for the role of the evil stepmother.

Pamper your spouse by doing their chores once in a while. Like the husbands can do the dinner dishes or take the trash out or something like that which gives some relaxation time to your spouse. If you are comfortable in doing it wives can clean the car for their husbands so that they can get some extra time in the bed. Whatever you can you should pamper your spouse and make them feel special.

Now that you have acquired the basic skills needed in this romance guide it’s time to put them to use. Keep in mind performing one romantic stunt every 9-12 months is not going to cut it. You need to perform random yet consistent expressions of love and kindness. In the end your lady desires a feeling of deep love & connection with her partner.

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