Keeping A Healthy And Safe Local Environment

The critical issue in hostile work environment cases is the severity or pervasiveness of the unwelcome sexual conduct. Such incidents of sexual conduct should be viewed in their totality to determine whether the terms, conditions or privileges of employment have been altered to create a hostile work environment. Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. (1993) 510 U.S. 17, 114 S.Ct. 367. In each case, the court should inquire into the overall composite effect of all the incidents on the working environment. Hillen v. Merit Systems Protection Bd. (Fed.Cir. 1994) 21 F.3d 1572.

Too often the human race removes itself from the natural environment. We use it and abuse it as if it is only to serve our whims and desires. But since the beginning of life and time, we have been given the task of caretaking. Yes, it makes provision for our lives but the specialist environmental consultants is not our slave. We are to tend the garden, to nurture, protect and defend it. It is time. It is time for South Africa and any other place in the world that dismiss this crucial element of wellness to stand up and make a change.

Measure my fee by the value I provide. Don’t tell me my rates are too high or you’d love to use me but you think I’m too expensive. I’m running a business and I have to manage it like you manage yours. I have overhead, rent, equipment to purchase and maintain, expenses like healthcare premiums, and self-employment taxes. Plus I use my profit to environment consultant live on.

3 R’s or what is known sometimes as Reduce, Recycle and Reuse are considered the most important and effective in keeping our surrounding clean. Reduce the use of elements that are harmful to our environment. Recycle some items like paper, glass, plastics to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide when these things are only burnt. Reuse some bottles, plastic bags and containers to lessen the garbage in the surrounding.

The environmental consultant word environment includes all sorts of things. First of all it means the place where we live. The house in which we stay and then also the working place. It also includes the outside. And, of course, the people we live and work with are also included.

First, grants are all about purpose. Every grant is offered and awarded in order to accomplish a specific purpose. Every funding agency has a mission it wants to carry out, and grants are given to further that mission. So if you want to start a children’s orchestra in your town, you must find the funder who considers musical programs for children part of its mission. If you have invented a better trash compactor, then you are looking for a funder with an environmental mission.

Feeling makes us care. Caring makes us passionate. Harness that energy and you can accomplish anything. Think of the power we could generate if each of us was open and truthful to each other as we leveraged our combined passions, because, need I remind you . . . it all starts with us!

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