How To Create A Landing Page That Search Engines Love

It’s amazing to see that still to this day, many people think that Search Engine Optimization is something that’s a one shot venture. That is, all you have to do is work some good in-page SEO mojo, pack them with keywords, submit them to the search engines, and maybe update the meta tags every so often. That was okay about 12 years ago, when Google first started indexing, but it’s hardly the case these days.

Always know everything about your niche. You should always research your forum niche and get to know it very well. Pay close attention to the past, present and future of the niche and be the one to always know the answer. If you have a forum where you can give any sort of advice on the niche, then you have a forum that will interest people to want to join and be active on. The best way to research your niche is other forums and seeing what hot topics people are discussing, what the worst problems are and how they are fixed and what could be improved. You should also pay attention to any official websites, news sites, articles, reviews and etc. related to the niche as well. The more you know about your topic, the more resources you can provide to your community.

Bloggers are constantly online. They know what’s happening. They’re also generous with their insights and help. They’re always looking for content too, or know of other bloggers who are looking for articles on your favorite topics.

Where does that leave the rest of us who don’t have the wherewithall to operate on a Instagram scale? One thing you can do is to mix it up. Have videos, pictures and articles available on your site. But make sure that it is focused and on topic. Make sure to post as often as you can. When you are first developing your site, try to post daily, even several times daily to make the search engines acknowledge your presence. As you get established, continue to put some type of content up monthly at least. Weekly is even better.

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Sitemap is like an index, that has links to other pages of your site. People and search engines find it useful as it is just generally one click away from them and can help them get to the page they intend to reach.

Second, a smile makes you feel more confident. Studies have shown that just smiling makes you feel more happy. A happy person leaves a great impression.

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