Happiness – What Does It Mean To Live In Happiness?

There are many amazing types of tattoos for women, but animal tattoos are among the most popular. Many women feel a special connection to one animal. Sometimes people call this animal their totem animal. This is a bit of a misnomer because a totem animal is more like a family crest or a flag. Totems usually represent a family or group you are a part of. For a tattoo though, most women want something that represents them; after all, a tattoo decorates your body.

When preparing your questions place your attention upon the crown chakra and notice the quality of information you receive. Take note of the spirit messages that come to you. Observing the crown chakra empowers your connection with spirit.

Hundreds of governments and private organizations are dedicated to the preservation of every species imaginable. Then why do we have such a poor track record? It is because too many times, the success of an endangered animal is measured by the population of that species. That is the first battle, but only a small part of the overall war. These populations are also subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes, disease, and other unforeseen catastrophes.

Kate suggested we feel along Echo’s chakras. We each did this separately and compared notes. The spirit may exit through a specific body orifice or through a primary chakra, one of the large vortices of energy that are located along the spinal column. In Echo’s case, the first chakras, at the base of her tail and second chakra, at her croup, were totally closed at this point. In fact, they felt like they were sealed shut. Echo’s third, fourth, fifth and sixth chakras were only partly open. Echo’s crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra, was open wider than I have ever found it to be at any previous time.

One way to protect you in this reality are to not go anywhere near developing Shamanic skills. It does not actually protect you but at least it does not attract entities to you as greatly as if you do practice. Entities are most attracted to people with power. If you do choose to practice, learn all you can about the Inner Worlds. Always travel with your chakra necklace who will guide you and defend you from entities. Your spirit animal walks with all 3 of your bodies and by being aware of its presence you will sense well being or fear even in your daily life and you should respond appropriately. Contact me to learn more about working with your totem or spirit animal.

In the time of your Psychic reading, simply listen and take note of the information. Write them down if you wish. Do not add extra personal notes yet; just write down the information in order to remember them.

Any psychic advisor that charges exorbitant rates in exchange for outlandish promises does not have a client’s best interest at heart, only their own. Many psychics charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars an hour, something I personally find not only absurd but also disrespectful to spiritual work in general. While all in service deserve fair compensation for their offerings, psychics who charge more than the average person can afford are most likely doing so to fill their wallets and drain yours.

But most of all, enjoy and be appreciative of those spirit guides. They love us, support us, and help us as much as we allow them to. Feel lucky, even if you do get hit by a spiritual two-by-four because a lot of people are not able to make use of this kind of guidance, and suffer all the more because of it.

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