Guaranteed Ways To Build Up Your Ezine List

Ever wonder why some Internet entrepreneurs are making money in this tough economy while others are struggling? Pretty simple, at least in theory. By creating multiple revenue streams, no matter how small they may seem, you minimize your risk of being affected in a bad economy. And wouldn’t it be nice if you had many different businesses setup and in place that generate income? Because job security is hard to find, it is more important than ever to generate multiple revenue streams in order to build financial stability. The only way to guarantee a little bit of stability is to take matters into your own hands and setup a business – or two!

You will need to select a few things in designing the look and feel of YOUR BRAND. Then you will incorporate these three elements on any PRINT media (invoices, business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc) and DIGITAL media (your website & blog, other customizable social websites, newsletters, aWeber email templates, eBooks, and other online services and products) that you create or distribute from NOW until eternity.

Reach out to your network – I’m not talking about social networks here. I’m talking about real people that you have a real relationship with – friends, family members, clients, business partners, vendors, etc. If your new site has just gone live, this is a great opportunity to let all of your contacts know about it. Ask for a quick mention of your new site in their blog (with a link, of course!).

Hosting Account – OK, you have your domain, now you need a place to host it. There are a variety of web hosting companies out there. You should check out their up time (less than 98% is a red flag), support options, how much space you are allowed, does it have a Cpanel and Fantastico (easy to use tools to help administer your website), quantity of email accounts, among other things. Do you just want to host one domain, or might you consider hosting multiple domains? Do you want to be a domain Youtube Reseller Panel? Do they offer other marketing tools as part of their package? Do they have an affiliate program? Your specific needs will dictate this decision, but make sure you find out what other people have to say about the various hosting businesses out there.

What people want to see, are real life examples and specific ideas so that they can become motivated to start making a steady income online. So here is a list of real motivating business ideas for our aspiring entrepreneurs.

A head & shoulder picture is best. Have the picture really qualify who you are and what message you are trying to convey. Make sure you LOVE this photo, you are going to have to look at it A LOT!

You can also do paid ads on social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook. Doing PPC advertising is a much better way to control the amount of traffic you get than it is to strictly rely on search engine optimization and hope Google doesn’t alter the rankings one day and your traffic disappears.

It just makes sense to budget a certain amount of money every month for guaranteed traffic. Figure out your formula for how much you will you take from your profits to reinvest back into your business for advertising and marketing.

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