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I can remember looking forward to going to the local convenience store as a kid to play the latest arcade games in the 1980’s. My friends and I would dig up as many quarters as we could find and spend countless hours playing these ground breaking games. The late 70′ and early 80’s were known as the “golden age” of the arcade game industry. These games reached mainstream popularity during this time in part because of new types of game play involving hand-eye coordination, skill, timing and shooting things as fast as possible. The arcade game industry reached its peak in 1982 by generating $8 billion in quarters, equal to $18.5 billion in 2011! These are our top 5.

Mass Effect 2 is a sci-fi war game that is focused on humans around the world who are strangely missing. Arsenal of weapons will surely make this game exciting and fun especially when new mutants online played with your friends.

You can go online and save your team and use it to play against teams built by your friends. You can get together a group to form a league with your friends, or you can find established leagues to join. This option takes the game to a whole new level.

To make your costume party worth remembering you can have prizes for the best costume or if it is a large gathering for the best villain costumes in each genre. Remember people, accessorize! Villains are all for it. Death rays, red double edged light-sabers, unique super powers to doomsday devices.

This is a single player game adventure game. There are a lot of running, jumping, and sliding in this game. You have to be on the run to avoid the law. It is quite an exhilarating game. In playing this game you have to be fast and always be mobile to avoid your captors. The main character is Faith. Her role is to pass secret messages to their watch the new mutants full movie underground group.

Also, the game has been updated so that it isn’t just a handful of star players and then everyone else. The whole team has distinctive players with varying strengths and weaknesses. And to go along with the more complicated game choices, the graphics are also much better. Every time someone gets tackled, the animations are different.

There are comic books as high in vibrational quality as classical music. E.C. comics Weird Fantasy, Incredible Science Fiction, Weird Science & Weird Science Fantasy & others from the 1950’s (regarding art and story) & certain comics from Marvel & D.C. and other companies may sometimes be likened unto the much higher vibration of John Lennon or Vivaldi (quality wise). (See Dreyfus in Mr. Holland’s Opus to understand what I am saying or even Finding Forester with Sean Connery). Because of the level of story and rendering of art back in the 1950’s when issued. These were projects of love and survival.

I could be doing more productive things with my life” you say, as you reach for the return key to start a new game. GENETIC DRIFT is definitely habit forming! Definitely exciting! Definitely fun! My rating for this game is 4.9 out of 5, I would recommend this game to all game lovers.

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