Flip Flops – The New Wedding Fashion

Sottero and Midgley Renee ASM3377 Beach weddings are often destination weddings, a popular choice by many couples who are looking to wrap their honeymoon and wedding into one, or to have a smaller, intimate and inexpensive event. To boot, getting married near the shore is extraordinarily romantic, and can make your wedding experience and memories, that much more special.

Many brides choose to wear custom www.mycustomflipflops.com or sandals. It is far more fitting to wear traditional beach shoes, all glammed up of course, than to be walking through the sand in 4 inch high heels. Of course what you wear is up to you but be prepared for the weather and the terrain in whatever is your final choice.

If you prefer a custom flip flops sandal with a bit more sparkle take a look at the Key Gan from Diba USA. With a variety of straps and buckles throughout these sandals, the highlighting feature is the silver leather. Shiny and sexy, these sandals would look great with a black ensemble. Black shorts and a black tank would look stunning in contrast to the shimmery straps on these shoes.

Your bridal shoes have a very demanding job. Not only do they have to match the wedding gown and look fantastic, but they also have to get through a long day. If you think about it, a bride is on the go for an entire day. From pre-wedding pictures, standing during the ceremony, circulating during the reception, and dancing, a bride will spend a lot of time on her feet. The last thing that you want is uncomfortable shoes spoiling your fun.

Another yard chore than can turn from routine to dangerous is cleaning the gutters or other repairs using a ladder. Yes ladders are expensive but invest in a good quality ladder and use it safely. Always have it on solid ground when working off the ground and do not lean too far over to change the the balance, resulting in a fall. A good ladder might cost you $30-40 more but even if it’s three times that it is cheaper than a trip to the emergency room!

Lunch / Movie Date: Keep it casual guys! It’s just a movie or a normal lunch. Don’t go all dressy on her, you don’t want her to think this is your first outing do you. Wear a cool trendy tee with nice pair of contrasting jeans. A nice check shirt will also do but don’t tuck it in. If you have grown a beer gut it’s a good idea to go with the un-tucked casual shirt and maybe a gym membership. A nice pair of sandals (NO leather please!) or trendy CLEAN kicks.

If you are planning to purchase a pair of ladies shoes then you must keep in mind some important points such as size, colours, comforts and budget. Add some of the stylish shoes to your closet for special occasion.

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