Eradicating Acne – The Natural Way

Nowadays it seems like we’re coming into contact with all sorts of horrible chemicals whether it’s cleaning products, lice killers or beauty products. The problem is that these chemicals can be pretty toxic and therefore you might want to look for natural ingredients instead.

Sometimes there are other substances in the bee or wasp venom that reacts with our immune system and causes an allergic reaction, which in some cases can be life threatening. This reaction can come on violently and quickly. An allergic person should carry their wasp and bee stings kit with them. It is important to note, that some individuals who have never had a reaction before have had sudden symptoms appear. Sometimes these reactions occur swiftly, ten to thirty minutes or less!. Things like breathing difficulties, rapid pulse, intense sweating, swelling of the throat or eyes, and maybe a feeling of dizziness. If any of these or other symptoms appear, get medical attention immediately!

Adding tea tree oil to your regular skin care routine of washing, moisturizing, and exfoliation is the best natural cure for acne, and it won’t cost you a lot.

If you use cloth diapers and soak them while waiting to accumulate a load for either a laundry service or home wash, you can try adding a couple of drops of oil to the wash pail to help keep bacteria under control and thus prevent infection.

The plant that tea tree oil is from a paperbark tree, making the name somewhat misleading. Melalecua alternifolia is located in Australia. Do not get with tea oil. Tea oil is used for cooking and seasoning, while tea tree oil is not.

Nail fungus-When nails of a human body are infected by some destructive fungi called dermatophytes (Trichophyton Rubrum, Candida, etc.) or by some damaging yeasts or molds, white or yellow spots are seen below top of the nails. These fungi then go deeper and make the nails discolor and thicken. Fragmenting edges, which trigger a lot of problems for the victim, are found on the nails subsequently. Nails are generally made susceptible to these fungi when exposed to damp or warm environments, for instance, shower floorboards or perspiring shoes.

The application of tea tree oil cannot perform wonders over night. It may probably require a few weeks, say 6 – 8, to get rid of toenail fungus completely. It requires weeks together to root off the embedded fungal infection. As the fungal infection has its root well underneath the nail, over night treatment cannot show any changes in the infected nail. However, you will be surprised at the amazing changes to notice after a complete course of toenail fungus treatment.

Mouth ulcers, acne and planter’s warts can be treated by using tea tree oil. Many believe it is the perfect home cold sore remedy which works well and helps you to eliminate fever blisters in few days. So you should try it at least once if you regularly suffer from cold sores. The best part is, you will get all sorts of health benefits in addition to the cold mouth sore treatment.

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