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A fuel card is something that any driver out there should highly consider. If you’re unfamiliar with what a fuel card is, let me explain what it is fairly quick.

The owners of the fueling station said they first noticed losses in June and called police to investigate on Sept. 10. “It was a couple of days later, on the 15th, they observed these same two trucks, same pumps, pull back in,” Lt. Paul Burroughs, with Prince George County Police, said.

As environmental concerns become more and more a part of how we do business, truck cards have another important benefit. They allow companies to get a better idea of how much fuel they are using, so they can calculate their carbon footprint. Any unnecessary fuel waste and inefficient routes can be identified and modified. With this analysis and better planning, a business can run a greener fleet and help do their bit for the environment.

This reminds me of the old days when you needed a TCH card to buy diesel fuel at Flying J and a Comdata card to buy diesel fuel everywhere else. I bet those smart guys at the Federal Government in the FCC when they were looking at Pilot buying Flying J never thought about this one.

Block heaters are not designed to warm an engine. They are designed to maintain the heat already generated in the engine. Thus it is crucial that the truck be plugged in while the engine is still warm. If your fleet companies truck have them, use them. This will make starting fuel saving by being able to start the truck easier.

In an attempt to find time to bake, shop, attend parties, write out buy truck cards, wrap gifts, and visit family along with every day responsibilities, stress can creep up on a person quick.

If you have a computer program like PhotoShop, you could pre-print the cardstock before cutting the paper with a message like, “Happy Halloween From The Andersons” with your page divided into four equal parts with the message centered in each section.

Police arrested two drivers from Florida. A small device was confiscated that was used to manipulate the pumps. The truckers face four felonies each, two grand larceny charges and two for tampering with pumps.

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