Cruise Planning – How To Plan Your Perfect Cruise – Part 6

You have a number of options for choosing the cruise line that suits you, and the route. Going on a cruise is no longer an elitist hobby; more and more people are taking cruises nowadays.

Cruise Tip #2 – Try to stay away from the casino and gambling areas, as well as other costs that are not covered in your cruise fee. Carnival cruises are pretty good about being all-inclusive, however many ships do not have gambling as a covered cost. Try to ignore the temptation, as the ships are commonly designed to draw you in with this extra expense. Stick to the activities that are already covered…such as movies, cooking classes or other demonstrations. There are plenty of free options that will keep you busy and entertained. Many Carnival cruises will offer great options such as wine tasting as a quality alternative to gambling.

If world-class service and the finest surroundings equal relaxation in your mind, then you might want to try a cruise aboard an extremely luxurious luxury liner. While most cruise lines offer fabulous food and first-class service, there are some cruise lines that take everything up one or two notches. They offer fine bedding, extreme service and truly gourmet dining. Cunard cruise lines, which boasts the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth among its fleet, offers almost apartment-sized suites – one over 2,200 square feet with marble baths and whirlpool tubs.

For a first time charter boat cruise experience, I would never recommend a luxury cruise line. Why? Well, first of all, it can be very expensive. And secondly, why spend all that money on an activity that you don’t even know yet if you’re going to like? Believe me, you can get a sense of what going on a cruise is all about on a less luxurious line. Start thinking Carnival Splendor, Holland America Eurodam and Emerald Princess.

Depending on where you eat your morning meal may impact which dress you might choose. For example if you chose to eat on the pool deck at the buffet you might want to choose a beach cover-up type dress over your bathing suit. In the dining room you might choose a comfortable sun dress or casual dress.

Select the places you wanted to explore. Before you book yourself on a cruise, select the places you wanted to see. You need to know the ports of call since this will lead you to the remoteness of your preferred places. Each cruise has a different port of call depending on the type of cruise you want. For example, if you choose a Hawaiian cruise, then do not expect to see a part of Antarctica. Some cruise lines have a particular harbor.

You could also check with some of your credit card issuers if they offer cruises as a part of their rewards program. Because many cruise liners are looking for promotional opportunities, they usually tie up with financial institutions and credit card companies and offer cruise packages as rewards for their clients.

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