Can Avoiding One Month Help Your Retirement Wealth?

The other day I was driving in the car and Blake Shelton’s song Home came on the radio. I love country music. I love the song. And I love it even more after hearing him sing it live in concert this summer at the First National Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park along with George Strait. The venue has gone though a few name changes through the years, but it’s still the same place and it’s still my favorite venue for an outdoor concert.

Why would someone lend you private money? Well, look at the alternatives. If you have an associate who is keeping $100,000 in a bank account, cd, or retirement plan, chances are he or she is only earning 2-4% on their money. But if they would be willing to bank and the First national National Wealth Center Compensation Plan of You, you could pay a return of 6-8% on their money, backed by real estate, and give them an increase on their return of 150 – 400%!

At one time, we turned to the stock market for long-term average returns of 9%. But, over the last year, retirement investors have seen their accounts drop by 20%. You may be in a similar position. You may want to National Wealth Center look at other options. I’ll tell you more about your options, in a moment, but first…

Now, many of us are wondering if the best days of America have already been experience. We hope not. We pray not. As Christians, we believe that America has been blessed because America has been a God-fearing nation. Some now are not so sure we fit that noble description any more. Some fear the warning found in Psalms 9:17: “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.” Only God knows if we fit this description as a wicked nation. One thing is for certain: The present signs of national moral and spiritual decline, are not encouraging.

Gold is stored to help in the creation of more wealth and to help in asset creation. It is always possible to sell gold at the market rates. You do not have to resort to distress sales as you may have to when there is an urgent need for cash and your investments are only in real estate or stocks and shares. It is better to keep gold in smaller units like coins for quicker sales since the amount to be invested by the buyer is less.

Although the single currency briefly dropped to 1.4163 in Asian morning due to the selloff in Asian stock markets, the pair rebounded to 1.4223 in Asian midday on short-covering. Later, despite euro’s brief breach of Tuesday’s low of 1.4151 to 1.4143 in European morning, price rebounded strongly on active cross buying of eur/chf after SNB announced measures to curb franc’s strength and climbed to 1.4345 after the release of stronger-than-expected EU June retail sales (0.9% m/m and -0.4% y/y vs the forecast of 0.5% and -1.0% respectively). However, price retreated to 1.4259 in NY morning due to the selloff in U.S. stock markets and cross selling of euro before staging a recovery to 1.4341 in NY afternoon.

We provided, I think, an atmosphere of caring. We were always there. I know my employees. I know their names. I know their spouse’s names, their parents, their children. We have multiple generations there, multiple members of families, people who have met at work and married. And then their children have come to work there. So we always tried to have a family atmosphere. We attend each other’s events — birthdays, weddings and funerals. In hardship, we try to take care of each other. I think we had an atmosphere that, for people, was comfortable and they felt welcome in, so they stayed.

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