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Being invited to a baby shower is somewhat an honor that not everyone can get. However, before you go to that party, you have to make sure that you have a gift. Giving a baby shower gift is a good gesture and an etiquette, and so you may want now to hunt for something wonderful to surprise the expectant mom.

Baby-friendly cute and funky baby clothes are those which are purely made from cotton. Most experts in taking care of babies suggest that cotton made clothes are the most comfortable and the softest for babies’ skin. Cotton garments are especially designed for your babies or your kids. Your baby’s sensitive skin can never be disturbed by the soft texture of the cotton. Those clothes with garments chemically formulated can cause rashes and itchiness to the baby’s skin.

You always want to make sure that your baby has had the proper amount of sleep, and that he’s well fed. It’s hard to capture a Free Cute Baby Contest photo when they are moody or grumpy, and hunger and lack of sleep can cause that.

Because babies move around so much, it’s sometimes difficult to keep clothes on them. They kick off their socks and shoes, pull at shirtsleeves and sometimes wiggle out of pants and diapers! With one-piece outfits, everything stays in place as long as the buttons are snapped. Cute Baby Contest can move around freely without feeling trapped or uncomfortable.

And so, I now consider myself to be a firsthand expert on all things pregnancy related. Nevertheless, I am still amazed at the general public’s reaction to a pregnant woman. First of all, they provide very little in the way of encouragement. There’s something about seeing a woman in her third trimester, on the brink of birthing that baby that makes you want to relive your labor and delivery horror stories. We have all witnessed this phenomenon at baby showers. It’s like a contest between the existing mothers to see whose labor pains were the worst, whose labor was the longest, whose epidural caused the most problems, and who ended up with the worst hemorrhoids! Meanwhile, the poor mother-to-be listens on in horror, knowing that her own personal terrors are looming ahead in the not so distant future.

If your last name is short then choose a long first baby name as this will strike a good balance. However, last names which contain 2 syllables will typically sound good no matter what length the first name happens to be. Whilst if you have a long surname then choose a shorter baby’s name in order to provide them with the right balance especially when it is said.

The Favors: Rockin gifts such as personalized guitar picks or shot glasses filled with atomic fireballs. Speaking of candy you give them personalized candy bars that are wrapped in a rocker themed paper. Want to be a little different? Try giving your shower guests personalized playing cards thanking them for coming to your shower.

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