Area Code Listings – A Brief Look At How Area Codes Work In The United States

Cell phones have grown rapidly in popularity in almost all areas of our country. When that happens, the strain on the pool of available phone numbers in any given area is huge. That means finding a way to add new numbers so everyone can get what they need. When this happened in the area of Washington state that included Seattle, the area code 206 had to be split. When that happened, the area code 253 was born. This area includes Tacoma, Washington and surrounding areas.

When first put into place, the area code numbering plan implemented numbers according to difficulty. This was for population reasons and due to the fact that all phones were rotary phones at that time. Each number was designated by pulses rather than just a tone. Highly populated areas obviously had the most calls going out. They go the Who is calling you like 212. Areas with smaller populations got the higher numbers like 717, just as an example.

Since these codes are assigned by the USPS it means that is where they are available from. You can go to the USPS site and you will be able to get the codes for any place in the country. All you have to do is type the address whose code you want to find and search. This is one way of how to how to lookup a zip code. The search will then bring back the code for the address that you typed.

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The prefix that comes after the area code 408 can tell you a smaller area from where your call is coming. If you look around online for information on the area code 408, you can learn a lot more about the area, the prefixes that go with each city or town, and you may even realize you know the number after all.

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