Aerial Photography For Real Estate – 5 Keys To Success

Each one of us wants to become more effective in our photography. That could be winning a competition, selling your images or just taking great photos to put on your wall. So, what is effective for one might not mean effective for another. And, the person who determines how effective is…? You! How do you increase the effectiveness of your photography? Here are a few keys that have helped my students become more effective.

Benefit Race Photos. I photographed pre-race, race course, finish line and awards for a local race that benefited the agency in #4 above. I posted the images for sale on my gallery and shared the revenues with the agency. The images were also released to the nonprofit for them to use in event marketing and promotion. This also led to getting more sports work for another sporting event, which will result in additional visibility and revenue.

Use light intelligently: Light is the essence of photography, but more so in B&W. Use the available light intelligently. I prefer to use natural light as much as possible, but in the absence of natural lights, I fine soft over head lights to be a better source of illumination that a flash light.

Just about any camera can be used in street Ronald Reagan Building DC meeting photographers. Of course, the better the camera the better the quality of the image. I prefer to have a camera or lens that is fairly wide-angled as this allows me to include more of the street scenes in the image.

Once you are certain of the area of event photography you will focus on, you will need to sit down and write a business plan. If the task seems too daunting, there are numerous software programs that can help you, or you may even want to hire someone to write it for you. Your business plan will serve as blueprint for your business, help you set goals, test the waters, create marketing plans, assess financial requirements and even get funding.

The reception: Take shots of the Bride and Groom entering the reception as well as the cutting of the cake and the glasses being raised and clinked together during the first toast.

A photographer should always expect the unexpected. Nature is not predictable. Rain, lightening, wind and dark cloud can affect every frame in your photograph. Always be ready for everything.

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