Addiction Recovery – What Families Need To Know

For months, we have been saying that investors should stay away from government and investment grade bonds. When cash rich companies like, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Walmart, and McDonald’s can issue debt at yields near or below 1% for 3 years, you have to question the intelligence of the bond market. Finally, this December, it seems as if we got the correction that we have been looking for.

Money poured into the ETFs as the market made a huge comeback from the damaging financial crisis. In 2008 the S&P 500 was up 23% in 2009 after falling 38.5% in 2008. The Nasdaq, made a heroic recovery of 43.5% in 2009 after dropping 40.5% in 2008. ETFs assets appear to be on path to reach $1.2 trillion by the end of 2010, according to Deutsche Bank.

Recently, authorities have already recovered a total of nearly $2.5 billion worth of Madoff assets which if added to the Picower money will amount to almost $10 billion. This was half of the total goal money that needs to be recovered when the case is over.

The need to match up trading action with How to recover my lost funds a particular news item of the moment shows an amusing failing of the financial press. Many journalists approach the market like a television sitcom… as if every day were its very own episode, with no continuity or chronological buildup of events.

If you and the bad check writer bank at the same place, ask your bank to monitor the bad check writer’s account for funds. You might also look into small claims court. You could try calling a local collection agency in your phone book to see if they will work to collect the returned check for a small fee. If this is your choice, be sure to ask them what they would do to collect the check and how long the efforts will last. Be sure you also keep a copy of the check. If the check is NSF, you may also be able to resubmit the check around the time when most people are paid.

4)True friendship should never stand in the way of business and investing should be treated like a business. In your review of your existing investments choose the ones that are giving you the best returns and keep them. Your financial planner will appreciate your confidence in his products and will understand your need to move losing funds to something which generates a positive return.

Many people in the financial sector have undoubtedly been telling you not to panic. The economy is cyclical. It will recover and over time you will get the money back that you have lost. Look at the charts and graphs. They don’t lie. There have always been high and low cycles and recovery has always occurred. Holding the line probably will get you back to where you were. However, what is going to move you ahead and help you get to where you should have been through the months lost to the recession and recovery?

Some halfway houses and residential facilities will allow you to stay for as long to two years. That may seem like a lifetime, but you’re going to need it. The odds for recovery from a crack habit are not in your favor. But if you really want recovery, and you’re willing to work for it, you can have it. The best way to learn how to recover from crack is to follow the example of those who’ve already done it.

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