5 Keys To Buying Distressed Homes Successfully

The listing agent is working for the seller rather than you, the buyer. His or her job is to get that property sold and for the most money possible. If you let on that you have $300,000 to spend, but only want to pay $250,000 so that you can take a cruise and buy a few furnishings, he will let the seller know this. If you have $300,000 to spend, that’s what they want you to fork over.

Instead the water is cleansed by going through the soil. Most soils have components that break down chemicals and bacteria before it enters the water supply. The best type of soil for these systems is not filled with water, but contains large amounts of oxygen instead. Some types of soil cleanse the water more quickly, so the actual depth of the drainfield may vary. Once the drainfield is installed it is covered with soil.

Many home buyers stay focused on finding a home where their families will be happy and safe. You should also remember this is also a big financial investment. Take a moment to look ahead to the day you’ll sell the house. Knowing the neighborhood and paying attention to marketable details of the house will go a long way toward preventing a buying mistake. I always tell my home inspection clients that they should always look at a house as if they plan to sell it in three years. A great example is a two story home that has the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Just like any profession, there are both good and bad inspectors. Bad inspectors tend to overlook a lot of problems. You want an inspector that will scrutinize every aspect of your home. Your real estate agent knows the industry and can recommend good inspectors. You do not want to purchase a home that has structural or other serious defects because the Palm Springs home inspector overlooked them. This could cost you big!

A home being marketed AS IS doesn’t need an independent inspection – Oh boy…here we go again. If you are buying a home where no representations have been made by the seller…or worse yet the home is being specifically marketed AS IS, then how in the world are you going to know what AS IS…is…unless you have it inspected?

In the septic tank, the solids settle to the bottom of the tank and the liquid waste drains from the top of the tank. There the liquid is carried through distribution pipes and into the drainfield.

Don’t think about the money you will spend, but instead think about all the money you will earn. You will be able to boost the value of your property due to all the improvements that you made.

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