4 Tips To Successfully Market Your Blog

In recent years the amount of money that is made through online purchases has continued to increase. More and more people turn to the internet when they shop as opposed to going to stores. This has created an opportunity to make money through the sale of products from your own website.

Create videos with your articles and blog posts. Make how to videos or slideshows that can educate and entertain. Videos are a great free way to spread information. Mobile phones and tablet computers can download videos really easily with high speed internet connections. Make sure to include your website or blog information in your videos and in the description areas.

Proof reading buy guest blog posts are a must. Sometimes you may think that you have poured in all your efforts to write the guest post that is the best from your point of you. But when you tend to read it after some time, it will look awkward as you missed the proof reading part. This has happened to me in real life and the next time I started to proof read posts I write. It does really help. It is not necessary to stick on to your niche.

My services include a ten-stop blog tour with reviews, guest posts and interviews, pages on both Chick Lit Plus and CLP Blog Tours, initial email pitch to bloggers, calendar of tour dates, all correspondence with bloggers (making sure they received book, getting information on guest posts and interviews, etc) and generating buzz before and during the tour. I provide links on CLP Blog Tours to all the blogs that have posted for the tour, and do my part in spreading the word via my blog and social media outlets. I also offer an optional TwitParty for all authors at no extra charge.

This refers to placing an ad in an ezine that caters to your specific niche. For example if the ezine has 50,000 responsive subscribers you will generate immediate traffic from your ad.

I follow a lot of people who follow me on Twitter. Not all of them, but if someone’s a writer, then more than likely I will. I’ve met lots of wonderful people this way. I also make sure if I love an author’s book or a recent blog post, I tell them. I met one author on Twitter after I adored her book and told her, and since then she’s bought my books and done the same for me.

Mail each blogger a copy of your book. Obviously you need to do this so they can read it BEFORE the book tour launches. And, no, don’t ask them buy it! Mail them a free copy!

Notice that this comes last. While you do want to choose a topic that lends itself to linking back to pages on your own site, I’m not having you add the links until the content is done. Now that you have a great blog post that reads well, go back through it and find one or two places that allow you to link back to your own site. In my experience the best way to do this is to simply turn words in the article into anchor text. No need to point out that this is a link and that readers should click it to learn more. They are savvy enough to know that blue underlined text is a link they can click on for more information. In fact by not waving a huge sign at them they will be more likely to respond positively to what’s waiting for them at the end of that blue link.

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