3 Things The Best Day Spas Have In Common

We all love the spa. We love it mostly because spa = relaxation and stress reduction. We tend to let everything go when we’re in the spa. This type of stress reduction is so healing for the body and mind. But, what if we can’t get to the spa on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those same rejuvenation and relaxation feelings in your home? Whether you want to spa for one day or every day, these DIY spa ideas range in execution and price. Here are a few ways to “Spa Up” your home.

Paying for magazine or newspaper advertisements is extremely expensive and needs a great deal of repetition in order to be effective, so a great way of getting into magazines for free is through Public Relations (PR). Invite Beauty Editors of the top 10 female focused magazines to visit your establishment for a spa treatment and to write a review. This review will effectively endorse your spa, which is worth more than just a general ad!

#4: Pay per click advertising – e.g. Google AdWords… To my knowledge there is NO faster way to generate bundles of ready to go, targeted traffic to your salon or hoc nghe spa website than pay per click. Only downside is it COSTS MONEY. And you MUST know what you’re doing or you WILL waste a LOT of money.

The first place you should start is via online spa – resources like Google Places can offer plenty of company information, as well as candid customer feedbacks about the service. And what makes this a good option is – the feed backs and reviews are often generated from third party sites like yelp or from Google users. Hence research a couple of day spa to get an idea of the types of services available and the associated costs.

Because of the huge opportunity with online sales, you must run an effective online campaign. The role of social media will be huge and will play a major part of supporting your in-house promotions, print ads and email strategies. It will also be key in early marketing efforts to drive sales during those three peak weeks. It was a key driver of Thanksgiving Day sales and leading into Black Friday. It is hard to ignore the power of Social Media with the abundance of consumers with the latest iPhones, Droids and Blackberry devices, listening to their favorite retailers and spas. Many are also making purchases through their mobile device. (Do you see why you need to have online gift certificate sales)?

Spa lighting can come in a number of variants. Some older types of spa accessories will work with traditional light bulbs. Some newer ones will work with LED lights. These are smaller lights that can work in more places around the spa. They can also last longer than traditional light bulbs.

The spa should be clean. You would not want to have a massage on a dirty table or have massage stones put on your body which were covered with sweat from another person. Make sure the spa personnel follow meticulous hygiene procedures and cleaning staff keep the general massage area clean. This is one area where there is no room for mistakes. Your health and safety depend on clean, sanitary equipment and clean, dry floors. Do not settle for a spa that ignores the basic needs of its customers. Take all these factors into consideration when you are choosing a spa with massages for your regular use.

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