14 Music Quotes For Black History Month

Not many people know of the mystical abilities of Cosmic Energy. Neither are they aware of the magical abilities that it possesses in doing some absolutely powerful things in their lives.

Do not play music with explicit lyrics. Don’t assume this is the case. Verify music entertainers have all radio edit versions of songs to be played at your wedding receptions that contain explicit lyrics in their original releases.

“The GMA Dove Awards is one of the preeminent events in the world of Christian, Gospel and inspirational background music. Our relationship with the GMA and the Dove Awards is an important part of our strategy. We are pleased with the increasing numbers we are garnering with awards show. And, having the awards in Atlanta, the home of gmc, makes it doubly sweet,” said Charley Humbard, gmc CEO.

My first rant is with so-called “journalists”. I don’t have a degree in that field, and I suspect that many of our esteemed newsreaders are posing as unqualified journalists.

Rock out in your own home but on your website, leave out the sound effects and background music. The only audio your visitor should hear (if at all) is the spoken word, designed to advance the sale or get them to opt-in.

The vision for Jubilant Nation, was seen in 2009 by founder William Stevens, Jr., who is a musician, songwriter and worship leader. Jubilant Nation was birthed in February 2012 and is a Gospel music ministry calle to minister to the Washington, DC area. The ensemble’s members come from various musical backgrounds in the music industry, many who have sung, played and shared the stage with many great recording artists.

#2 – Listen to motivational audio on the way to work. Or, if you work at home as I do sometimes, listen as you get ready to work. There are many motivational CD recordings out there, I use ones from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, or Bob Proctor, but there are many good ones out there.

Music is the soundtrack to our lives; why not include it as the soundtrack for your workout? When you choose inspiring and fast-paced music, it can actually help you work out longer and harder – give it a try! Select songs that inspire and motivate you!

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